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The room is fully functional, acoustically well treated, has angled walls, a well designed patch bay and some fun toys. We are also open to accommodating and fully integrating more gear into the bay and the room. There are currently 16 free male and female xlr fan out snakes and 32 channels of TRS conectors coming off the bay. We also have tie lines to the room next door which can be used as a separate tracking room. The bay is handwired and there is free space on it.

Other good things:
-Excellent environmental air control; Our own dedicated A/C and heating system. Isolated ducting and fresh air introduction.
-Isolated and clean, 100 amp, 120V dedicated electrical circuit for all audio equipment
-Internet and ethernet throughout the floor
-A kitchenette, lounge, roofdeck, two rest rooms.
-We have a window!
-East Village location with great restaurants and nightlife.
-Easy subways, buses, easy parking, FDR Drive.

The room is large enough to track drums and makes an excellent environment for mixing, writing, production, overdubs.

Below is a basic gear list:

API 16 Channel line mixer w/inserts and two sends (2 x 8200?s and 7800) (8 more channels coming in a little bit)
-the outs of PT are normaled to the line mixer (very convenient)
Digidesign Control 24

PT HD2 w/control 24 and Mac G5

AD/DA Converters: (24 channels of I/O)
Lynx Aurora 16
Digidesign 192

Klein & Hummel 300D
Tannoy System 1200 with matched TS-12 Sub
Yamaha NS10?s

API 3124?s (8 channel)
Milllennia TT1
Millenia HV3D (8 channel)

1176 x2 (with stereo adaptor)
Cranesong STC8
Millennia TT1
dbx 160

Outboard fx:
Lexicon 300
dbx subharmonic synthesizer
Mutron bi-phase
Echoplex tape delay
Otari MX5050 tape machine/delay
Trek Leslie pre-amp pedal (run anything through the leslie)
A bunch of guitar pedals

DPA 4006 x 2
Senheiser 421

Instruments + Amps:
Hammond B3 w/122 Leslie
Fender Rhodes 73
Honer D6 Clavinet
Farfisa Compact tube organ
Juno 106
Yamaha 88 Key weighted controller
Oxegen 71
Alesis Ion
Fender Twin
’62 Fender Princeton
’65 Ampeg Jet
Hues and Ketner Base Bass 600 and 1×15 cabinet

Waves Diamond 5.0
– Filter Banks
– Compressor Banks
– EQ Banks
– Mc2000
– Ananlog Channel 1 & 2
Universal Audio
– 1176 (LN/SE)
– LA2A
– Pultec EQP1A
– Cambridge EQ
Unique Recording Software
– A Series EQ
– N Series EQ
– S Series EQ
– PitchDoctor
– Phase Mistress
– Speed
– Bomb Factory
– Cosmonaut
– Fairchild Comp
– D-Fi
– MoogerFooger Lo-Pass
– MoogerFooger Delay
– MoogerFooger Ring Modulation
– ReVibe
– Smack!
– Focusrite d2/d3
– Massenburg EQ

Some album credits done in our room include
-Spank Rock (mixing) “YOYOYOYO;”
-Ron Brown (mixing) “Pop Champagne” (Mixed) Peaked at #22 on the Hot 120 and #3 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart; it was also certified Gold by RIAA
-Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society (mixing) “Infernal Machines;” Named Best Debut Album of 2009 for Jazz by the Village Voice

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