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Whether it’s music, movies or the street; Brooklyn is the home of the hustle, the section of ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ where the grind truly resides.  Money L, a product of Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects is the true personification of the grind. “I’m from the same housing’s projects as the biggest artist in the game – Jay Z.” Money L reveals, “We grew up in Marcy Projects; where if you didn’t hold your own you would have got wasted in the streets.”

Taking that street mentality and the desire of a better life for himself and his family, Money L started a production company called ‘Ghetto Gold Productions’ at the tender age of 15.  Inspired by music from an early age, he knew this industry would be his way out. “I always loved music from when I was a kid my mother had a very big music collection, so I grew up listening to all type of music” Money L explains, “[some] of my favorite artists [were] Marvin Gay, Michael Jackson, The Temptation, Al Green – all them oldies.”


 “That made me appreciate music, but what made me wanted to get in the [music business] was the late eighty’s and early ninety’s [Hip-hop] from EPMD, LL, Rakim, Snoop, Tupac, Redman, Nas, Big, NWA, and seeing my boy Jay Z from my Hood do it made me a believer!”


With a keen ear for quality music and artists of substance and longevity, Money L made a substantial name for him from the mid 1990’s to today, working with powerhouse record labels such as Roc-a-Fella, Def Jam, UMG and a slew of artists whose names ring bells like Church on Sunday.


Instrumental in the careers of Memphis Bleek – working on all of his albums, Redman on the ‘How High’ soundtrack along with his ‘Malpractice’ and ‘Red Gone Wild’ albums, Snoop Dogg on his classic ‘Paid Da Cost To Be Da Boss’ album, and even Treach from Naughty By Nature on their ‘Iicons’ album; Money L solidified his name as one of the best ears for not only the modern New York sound, but also the sound that defined many artists careers.


Never taking his finger off the pulse of the street, Money L brought a new generation to Hip-hop by way of Icarus (to Redman), X-1 (to Onyx) and Geda K (to Roc-a-Fella).  Even today, Money L has embraced a new breed of artist, working with a Greek female artist by the name Bouboulena another female artist by the name Bonni and a male hip hop artist by the name AK Chop, who hails from Money L’s home of Marcy, bringing Money L’s career and insight into the music industry full-circle.!/MoneyL4Real



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