Justin Byrd, artistically personified as, “Dj M-80, was born in Rochester, NY on March 1, 1986. Raised by a mother of 4, he forecasted his musical talents at the early age of 9. The basement of home was his domain for constructing mixtapes, recorded from local radio stations on thrift store boughten 8 track tapes. As his curiosity for music grew with time, he was drafted into a local rap group, where he wrote, “rhymes“ and produced beats. He also began promoting teen club events, where he had his first performance; all at the age of 13. This gave him a rounded picture of the entertainment/music industry. The name M-80 was given to him from his boxing coach, explaining his calm demeanor gone “explosive” at the push of a button. It later was acronymic for “moxy-80 proof,” metaphorically supporting his partial Italian heritage, and the nerve of strength of 80 proof liquor. “As an artist, your not hungry until your starving;” said M-80. These are words he lives by, as he composes a humble mentality.

 It is hard come by an artist that equally talented in: production, engineering writing, management, and live djying. He has worked with artists such as Jinn (Ruff Ryders), and most currently, G.Dep (Former Bad Boy Artist). Having a light but strong track record, he is “stamp approved,” by many industry artists and professionals, by way of many public appearances and performances. Having an overzealous, yet composed personality, you will find excitement in listening to his explosive sound, and beats that will make you rich!




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