Bishop is the sound behind Off The Block Entertainment. He’s a New Jersey Native who’s brand of production and engineering experience is a sought after commodity. His production brand is titled “Bishop Makes It Knock Productions.” Bishop is also a member of Box And One. Bishop has worked with Drag-on(Ruff Ryders) DJ-Beverly Bond, Ted Mills (of Blue Magic), Black Rob of Duck Down Records, Strike (8th Mile),Cuban Link, Cassidy (Larcerny Family), and many more. Bishop also produced the “Game Time” track on NBA Y2K 11 for Cassidy.

Believe it or not, recording is not just a stop-and-go process with voice overs and ad-libs at the end. There is a technique that when done properly adds a crispness long before the mixing process begins.

“It’s all in the mix.” Our facility has been acoustically customized to ensure the finest quality. Sound frequencies have a mind of their own; we control them and make them work for you.

Using the Triton Studio, Akai MPC and other classic accompaniments, we create a sound unmatched by any: Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae and Club.

We convert analogue and semi-digital recordings to fully digital CD format.

Our experience allows us to help you with all aspects of a song. From the concept, chorus, lyrical content to the smallest intangible.

We assess an artist based on an eight point evaluation to determine the appropriate course of action for individual situations.


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