If you were not sleeping under a rock in the summer of 1994, you have to know who this man is. Snaggapuss took the underground by storm while featured on Doo Wops’ mixtapes as a member of The “Bounce Squad”. With an imitation of the cartoon character as his voice and some very witty punchlines “Snaggapuss” became every hoods favorite M.C. He would end up being the first underground artist to land a record deal after signing to Virgin Records in the spring of 1995.He worked with esteemed producers such as Tone & Poke of Trackmasters and Ski from Rock-A-Block. However, after the closing of Virgin east(nu-tribe), he was moved to L.A off of home base to record what was to be his album. Although living in L.A for a year and a half was an interesting experience, Snagg says “the execs were lazy bastards!” and was ready to be released from his contract. “I had an eye opening experience out there, performed and recorded with X-Zibit, King-Tee and The Alcoholics, Ice-T, and even had the pleasure of working with Scarface’s producers, but it wasn’t the east”. Before heading back to the “BX”, Snagg would encounter one more person of interest that might still prove to be deadly. Dr. Dre was in talks with the Snaggapuss about possibly signing him. Back from the land of the dead and reincarnated “Snaggapuss” has changed his name to “Snaggdadon” and gotten very serious with his music, he’s come to Add ON!!!!!!

[cincopa AkBATALTNqNF]

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