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I want to give a shout out to all the supportive fans and friends who has been sticking by Quas 100% and believing in His Movement and Music…as you know he has songs and beats all over the 50 Cent Refuse 2 Die DVD Documentary. The DVD went out to 25 countries around the world including Germany and Scotland. Its in every chainstore worldwide, and its airing all over the world on satellite and cable stations. There’s no words really about this situation, this is just information that is factual and true. the project was pushed thru Sony/Hollywood East Film/ NewLine Home.

Quas is also Director of Photography and Lead director for Everything Green Filmz movie..” Cash Rules”..starring J.D of HBO’s The Wire series,Treach, Do It All, Meeka Cane, Fatal Hussein and a list of others.

Quas started TramaCenta Filmz in late 2003 and has completed video projects for artist: SalDizzal aka MentalCase..dvd sampler available, hit sal on my site friends list for info… seldonscene, J-Vicious, IOF, MorgueMan, 456, malikstreetz, Fashion shows, Ruthless Tactics dvd ConcreteJungle..Mr.nice motorcycle freestyles, I got a situation mini Movie avail @ youtube.com/ripcash. In 2004 Trama Centa Records/GettOpen released Quas’s Ep “The G-Filez. The project was recived well, and we appreciate the volume of movement we were able to release to the true fans. 2005 we went mainstream with multiple video appearences on BET videos and commercials…we did Gangstarr featuring Jadakiss “Right Where U Stand” video/.. Jahiem feat. Lisa Raye “Backtight” (Lead dice scene cameo)..featuring Sal Dizzal and my artist Malik Streets. We did the first sucker free Sundays commercial featuring DJ Clue and Sway of MTV2, Quas & Malik Streetz. We also did DJ Kay Slay and 3-6 Mafia “We Dont Give A What Where You From” video featuring Seldomscene & Quas. We did Jay-Z’s 99 Problems video featuring Quas, Aloo, Seldomscene and Ifamm Kennels PitBulls, Lost boyz throwback video lifestylez of the rich and famous video..feat.Quas & seldomscene (car driving scene)..we have all our own footage, with behind the scenes to everything we’ve done. The dvd will be ready early 2007 called (The Truth About Me..Quas) FYE. 2006 Quas released the Mixtape “The Book Of Versez”. sold out. Our Newest project is “The Crown Remainz”.

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