Charles Beckles, who is also known as Chillz formally known as Cee WrecKa, was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in the Bed-Stuy housing apartments. Chillz started writing his own lyrics at a very young age. He grew up with a love for music. He has been around many artists and producers the majority of his life. He has developed his own style and continues to write for himself. Being in the studio around others at an early age has had a positive influence on him. He has always been the youngest in the studio, and he has always observed what was going on around him. He takes into consideration what his elders go through and, as a result, he is a better artist and person in general.

 Chillz was already accepted as part of Off The Block Entertainment, but once the other artists heard Chillz rhyme for the first time they knew he was ready for the public. He was immediately placed into the lineup. A week later Chillz was in the studio recording his first song, “The Good Life.” The response from the public has been overwhelming with a major demand for Chillz to furnish the public with his forthcoming album titled, “The Future”.

Chillz has already appeared on several public access shows in the Tri-State area, such as “Street Knowledge,” hosted by Majesty, “Uncensored Hip Hop,” hosted by Scrooge, and “How to Get A Deal,” which is hosted by Red Bandit. He received such a positive response from Red Bandit’s show audience he was asked to return three weeks straight.  Chillz has also performed at The Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn, NY, and The Hip Hop Parade an annual function held in Brooklyn, NY. In addition he has been featured on a host of Mix Tapes.

 Chillz receives much respect from his peers and friends as both a true artist and a young man. His peers feel that he has an edge on the competition including those already signed to label deals, just for the simple fact he’s young and full of energy. Chillz has a fan base that is larger than that of the average rapper in the industry.

 For more information please contact: Bookings@OffTheBlockEnt.Com

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    Hey I would like to know more information on Chillz and we want more music i know these songz by heart please and THANK YOU

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